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RockGuard Rock Shield Pipeline Protection Mesh Filament Tape

RG-400 - Uni-Directional High Performance Fiberglass Reinforcement Tape
RG-400 is an economical fiberglass reinforced tape designed for the majority of packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. The 1.1 mil polypropylene film combined with an aggressive 'solventless' pressure-sensitive adhesive provides resistance to filament delimitation and separation, excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons and outstanding holding power. Will hand break. No knives needed.

NOMINAL VALUES: Backing 1.1 Mil (28 µ) Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene Film
Adhesive Synthetic Rubber/Resin
Color Clear
Reinforcement Fiberglass
Adhesion to Steel (oz/in of width) (at 90° peel angle) 75 (20 N/25mm)
Quick Stick (oz/in of width)
      To Kraft 8 (2.2 N/25mm)
      To Steel 45 (12.3 N/25mm)
Tensile Strength (lbs/in of width) 100 (438 N/25mm)
Elongation at Break (%) 4
Thickness (mils) 5.3 (0.135mm)
Shear to Kraft Paper (hrs)
(1" x 1" x 1000 grams)
Greater than 166
Operating Temperature Range +6°C to + 60°C
STANDARD SIZES:9mm x 55m, 12mm x 55m, 18mm x 55m, 24mm x 55m, 36mm x 55m, 48mm x 55m, 72mm x 55m